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About Us

About Us

918 was first developed in 2020 as a smart app to enhance food and beverage sales at golf courses throughout North America. With full intentions to disrupt the status quo of waiting for a meal or drinks on the course, 918 put the ability to order whenever and wherever in the palm of your hand.

After seeing hundreds of golf courses reap the benefits that 918 offers, it was time to share the wealth with the entire hospitality industry. We are proud to be helping bars, restaurants, hotels, resorts, and sports entertainment venues, bring back their customers with open arms and full orders.

This expansion into the global service industry market has allowed 918 to augment and deliver a level of instant and accurate service that society has come to expect and that we have perfected.

Our Team

David Harper

Director of Business Development, Kelowna, BC

David is responsible for Business Development for 918, pulling from over 15 years of experience in direct business development, business management, and sales.

Cale Mclellan

Director of Technology and Business Development, Kelowna, BC

Cale oversees all technological development and has been responsible for building and testing the 918 smart application functionality.

How it Works

Begin by utilizing the fully customizable 918 Order Dashboard by setting up food, drink, and merchandise offerings for customers to view and purchase. There are many management tools and features at your disposal like sales reports, popular item listings, delivery time analytics, etc.

Next, a customer simply scans the QR code, selects what they want to order, and pays in real-time.

From there, the order is received on a smart device and can be delivered to the exact customer location. There is also a chat feature that allows customers to edit their orders or provide feedback directly through the application.