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From a locally established pub to a new hotspot cocktail bar, no order is too tall.

The only time we want to see empty tables at a bar is because the dancefloor is packed, or last call is over, and staff needs to cash out. 918 is here to help with both of those scenarios. We offer a comprehensive and fully customer-controlled food and drink ordering system that will alleviate the pain points of being short-staffed or help augment service by seating more patrons with the same or less wait staff during those busy rushes.

918’s system caters to all guest types. From large groups that want to ensure their complex orders are accurate, to the lone businessman that wants a quick grab-and-go meal without the wait. We cover all bases for your business. The system can list special menu features, and seasonal offerings all while keeping tabs open and providing an automatic no effort payment at the end of the night through the guest's account.

Let us help pack your bar again. Bring back the hustle of a solid night while 918 handles all the heavy lifting.

What our customers are saying

Our Features


The budget will shift with less money needed for your employee payroll and an increase in sales and patronage

More Guests Less Staff

Seat and serve more guests with less bar staff. 918’s added value to alleviate staffing issues is instant


Cash may have been king, but with a quick scan or tap digital pay has taken the top spot

Digital Comfort

Your customers have come to rely on contactless menus, payment, and reviews, let us continue the trend


Bar Features

Digital Comfort

Put customers in control of ordering, paying, and leaving great reviews.


Eliminate cash and the need for time consuming and expensive cash machines. Speeds up payments, table turnover, and increases revenue.

More Guests Less Staff

Serve more guests with less staff. 918 is the best employee you will have for $99/month.


Reduce unnecessary overhead and expenses, while increasing sales revenue and happy customers

How it Works

Begin by utilizing the fully customizable 918 Order Dashboard by setting up food, drink, and merchandise offerings for customers to view and purchase. There are many management tools and features at your disposal like sales reports, popular item listings, delivery time analytics, etc.

Next, a customer simply scans the QR code, selects what they want to order, and pays in real-time.

From there, the order is received on a smart device and can be delivered to the exact customer location. There is also a chat feature that allows customers to edit their orders, or provide feedback directly through the application.


Bars, and restaurants of all sizes are using paperless menu QR Codes. The United States alone has 1 million+ restaurants. 52% of them have already switched to QR code menus and the others are catching up.