Have food and beverage delivered on-demand to your customers - wherever they are.

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Now You Can Have It All: Great, Fast, and Affordable

Only getting ⅔ of the above is no longer acceptable. Give your customers what they have grown accustomed to. 918 brings a new level of innovation to your business.

Short Staffed? We Have The Long-Term Solution

Recruiting, hiring, and scheduling staff has always been a moving target in the service industry. Stop relying on an unreliable model and capitalize on 918’s features that eliminate staffing constraints.

Now It Can All Add Up

If your business rating is the aggregate of your last 5 customer service experiences 918 Order ensures you will have the formula for reputational success.

Compensation Without Complication

918 allows customers to pay for and customize their order entirely removing any potential errors while fully integrating with your POS system.

Creating Customers That Create More Customers

918’s functionality lends itself to a high level of customer experience. Once a business showcases the level of control and satisfaction that 918 offers to its users, there is no looking back.

Level The Playing Field

Accurate customer communication when ordering breeds clarity, efficiency, and increased revenue.

The Wait is over

918’s pre-order and pre-pay feature allows you to show up to your food and drink at the table, pool, golf course, or room and leave when you want without waiting for the bill

Sales Made Simple, Purchasing Becomes Seamless

Industries We Service



Change The System, But Stay the Course

The new and improved approach for golf course management.

Bars & Pubs

Let Us Help Host

From a locally established pub to a new hotspot cocktail bar, no order is too tall.

Hotels & Resorts

More Room For Service

Check out our all-inclusive ordering system to help raise your food and beverage sales.

Golf Simulators

Making Virtual Golf The New Reality

Competition in golf can be fierce whether outside on the links or inside on the simulator.


Greeted, Seated, QR Scan Completed

Digital menus and QR codes are here to stay, they are efficient, hygienic, and have quickly become a powerful marketing tool for your business.


If none of the above apply contact us for a custom solution for your business.